Hall Neighborhood House receives $54,000 grant from Delta Dental

Hall Neighborhood House receives $54,000 grant from Delta Dental

Here at Hall Neighborhood House, we are in an exciting season of expansion—and one of our primary goals is to help meet the immediate and essential healthcare needs of our community. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen great success with our community health clinic, and now we are in the construction phase of a brand new dental clinic, thanks in large part to an incredibly generous grant from the Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation! The grant, awarded in the amount of $54,000, will help cover construction costs and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment. 

Through our comprehensive healthcare programs, we’re focused on providing preventative care options to our neighbors in Bridgeport. When members of our community can access regular checkups, screenings, and vaccinations right here at Hall Neighborhood House, they are able to save time, save money, and keep themselves and their families healthy. 

The new Hall Neighborhood House dental clinic will provide sealants, fillings, cleanings, and regular checkups to Bridgeport residents of all ages. We’ll teach dental hygiene to the youngest members of our community and address our oldest residents’ unique oral health needs. We expect to finish construction on this new facility in December 2021.

We are so thankful for the generosity of Delta Dental. Their organization regularly provides charitable contributions to solve oral health challenges in New Jersey and Connecticut, and they primarily fund organizations that support underserved populations, especially children, seniors, and veterans. 

Their contribution is making it possible for us to make a difference in the lives of Bridgeport residents, providing the affordable and convenient dental care our neighbors need and deserve.

We Care for Our Community

We Care for Our Community

Everything we do at Hall Neighborhood House is driven by our core values. They are the guiding lights for our team as we learn to serve our community better every day. We love our neighbors on the East Side of Bridgeport, and part of what makes our organization so special is that we care for our community. As neighbors, we are responsible for one another and take pride in how we show up for each other.

To us, caring is not an adjective; it’s an action. Here’s how we take action to care for our community on the East Side of Bridgeport: 

We have pride in ourselves and the work we do.

At Hall Neighborhood House we do what’s needed, and we do it well. When we do our best as individuals and feel fulfilled by our work, the whole organization benefits!  

We seek out outside accreditation on both individual and organizational levels. Our classroom staff all have teaching certifications and are highly trained in education and child development. They also undergo regular training on important safety topics, including food handling, first aid, and CPR. We prioritize learning and personal development alongside our daily responsibilities. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we have received a number of national and state accreditations and hold a 5-star rating from Charity Navigator. These impartial measures provide a holistic look at our impact as an organization, confirming the quality of our programs and leadership.

We’re always immensely proud to share the work that we do—whether that’s giving Senator Blumenthal a tour of our new facilities, sharing our story in the CT Post, or discussing available programs with new families. 

Maybe you caught recent segments on News 12 about our Health Center opening and its upcoming dental expansion. We’re proud that our community sees the ways that we care and recognizes Hall Neighborhood House as a valuable local resource, and we’re thankful for opportunities to share our story. 

We take pride in our physical space.

Our building is the heart and soul of our community. We know that it will continue to take care of us if we are diligent about taking care of it—and we look forward to expanding our space over the next few years to serve even more families. 

Our friends at the Trumbull Rotary Club are instrumental partners in keeping our building looking great. Their ongoing donations of garden beds, landscaping services, and time keep Hall Neighborhood House a beautiful and welcoming space. They help lay the groundwork that our community maintains.

And community members of all ages help make our space a welcoming place every single day. Children and seniors alike have taken responsibility for our raised garden beds. The flowers and vegetables are thriving thanks to their hard work! And our older students have contributed incredible artwork to brighten our hallways. Hall Neighborhood House is a source of community pride—a place that we build and care for together.

We commit to our relationships. 

At Hall Neighborhood House, we make a long-term commitment to our neighbors. Our mission is to provide comprehensive services to empower the residents on the East Side of Bridgeport, no matter their stage of life. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t gather in person, so we had to get creative to meet our commitments. When our community couldn’t come to us, we brought safe, socially distanced support to them.

Our incredible staff delivered over 2,000 bags of groceries and over 400 meals to seniors’ homes, helping to make sure that no one went hungry. They also livened up quarantine by delivering activity kits for students.

As the public health situation improved we worked to find ways to welcome students into the building safely, allowing them to access the internet and attend online school with few distractions. 

This year, we are celebrating 135 years in Bridgeport. That’s over a century of caring for our community, meeting its diversity of needs with intentionality and respect. You, too, can join this community of care by making a gift today. By doing so, you are contributing to the community we are proud to call our own.

Hall Neighborhood House will participate in a national study of early care classrooms

Hall Neighborhood House will participate in a national study of early care classrooms

Hall Neighborhood House is proud to have been selected for a very important childcare study funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The “Variations in Implementation of Quality Interventions (VIQI): Examining the Quality Child Outcomes Relationship in Child Care and Early Education” study focuses on children’s experiences in early care and education programs across the country. Researchers are studying how classroom quality supports learning in order to understand what classroom conditions lead to improved educational outcomes for students. They will also be looking at interactions between children and teachers. We are very excited to take part in this important research!

“Participating in this study allows our teachers to receive additional professional coaching in implementing effective curriculum in their classroom,” said Hector Burgos, Hall Neighborhood House’s Director of Early Childhood Programs. “We continue to find ways to improve our programming so we can provide high-quality care to the families we serve in our community.”

The results of the VIQI project will be used to inform research, policy developments, and programmatic improvements for childcare programs across the nation.

As participants in the second phase of this study (the first, a pilot phase, concluded in 2019) we have access to extensive resources and support, including a financial stipend. Our teachers will be testing promising curricula, taking advantage of increased professional development opportunities, and attending teacher training led by experts in the field. This is an incredible opportunity for Hall Neighborhood House, and we look forward to seeing the benefits for our teachers and students!

To learn more about the study visit https://www.acf.hhs.gov/opre/project/variations-implementation-quality-interventions-examining-quality-child-outcomes

Communications and Fundraising Internship


Hall Neighborhood House exists to provide comprehensive services that educate, enrich, and empower residents of all ages on the East Side of Bridgeport and the surrounding community.


The student intern will be tasked with providing administrative support for Hall’s communications and fundraising work. The intern may be asked to assist with the following tasks:


  • Generating ongoing social media content for our marketing team including blogs, interviews and campaign specific content
  • Supporting Hall’s plan for promoting Giving Tuesday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other event-based marketing opportunities through content creation, campaign ideas and active participation in marketing planning
  • Creating marketing materials for donor engagement + stewardship
  • Filming or editing videos and photos.


  • Providing administrative support for fundraising campaigns including:
    • Mailing thank you letters
    • Logging donations in the database
    • Event planning support
  • Supporting the team in creating donor communication to activate fundraising and acknowledge support.
  • Identifying, researching and compiling leads for potential funding sources, including researching foundation databases, community leaders, local franchises, and corporate sponsors.
  • Supporting the grant writing team in writing grants by collecting reports from Program Directors and staff
  • Further tasks will be defined by the student and supervisor(s).


This is a paid, full-time internship that goes from August 30 – December 17  that has potential to turn into a full-time hire at the beginning of 2022, based on performance and evaluation against specific project completion.


The student internship is based out of Hall’s office at 52 George E Pipkins Way, Bridgeport CT. However, some tasks may require traveling off-site to other locations and some work may be completed remotely.


Experience and Knowledge

  • Understanding and supporting the mission of Hall Neighborhood House.
  • A commitment to social justice and community development.
  • Experience with creating and maintaining spreadsheets, developing communications materials, managing simple projects with minimal supervision, and providing outstanding customer service.
  • Excellent organizational and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, social media platforms, and graphic design computer applications.
  • Experience with video editing software is a plus.
  • Background in marketing or communication is a plus.

TO APPLY: Please send a resume and cover letter to Amy Dominguez, Development Advisor, at development@hnhonline.org by September 4th. Only complete applications will be considered. No phone calls, please. The cover letter should introduce the potential candidate, describe their relevant qualifications and experience.

Hall Neighborhood House is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to employment policies and procedures ensuring all qualified persons are accorded equal opportunity for employment, promotion, and training. 

What’s Happening at Hall: August 2021

What’s Happening at Hall: August 2021


We’re making the most of summer here at Hall Neighborhood House!

Our summer camp students are having so much fun taking field trips, creating art projects, and practicing their leadership skills. In addition, they are learning math, reading, and science to help them prepare for school after an incredibly difficult year of learning in the midst of the pandemic.

We are providing our students with a safe place to enjoy the summer—and essential academic support that will allow them to take on a new school year with confidence.

Now, as we look ahead to the fall, we’re making big plans and are excited to continue serving our community together. Thank you for being part of our story! We couldn’t do it without you.

Bob Dzurenda
Executive Director

Join Project Playground

Children in our community deserve a fun, safe place to play. Unfortunately, our playground is in a state of disrepair—and we need your help to fix it. This summer, we’re asking supporters like you to join Project Playground—a campaign to fix our playground and give kids a great place to play. Your gift will help us start making essential repairs on our play structures and ensure that our community can continue to enjoy our facilities.

Does your child need a physical?

Bridgeport Public Schools require physicals for all new students, and every student entering Kindergarten, grade 6, and grade 10. You can get a physical on-site at Hall Neighborhood House at your convenience!

Schedule a physical by filling out the physical request form and returning it to your student’s teacher. Not part of our programs? No problem! Anyone can make an appointment at Hall Neighborhood House by calling 203-621-3998.

Summer Campers explore Bridgeport!

Our summer campers are taking exciting field trips all around our city and surrounding area! We visited the Beardsley Zoo and saw cool animals like tigers, goats, alligators, and unique reptiles. We also took a trip to Earthplace, a nature discovery and environmental learning center, where we learned about caring for the plants and animals around us.

Our values: Integrity

Our values are very important to us! They help guide us as we look toward the future. In our latest values series blog post we’re talking about integrity, what it means to us, and how we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We demonstrate integrity by speaking honestly, offering quality programs, and committing to transparency. You can read more about what integrity means to us on our website.

Our Summer Camp philosophy

We love sharing Hall Neighborhood House’s story with our community! In an opinion piece published in the CT Post last month, Adiel Dominguez, our Youth Services Director, discussed how our summer camp program gives kids much-needed educational and social support within a traditional summer camp experience. Read our latest Connecticut Post Op-Ed.

Healthy Smiles

This month we were all smiles after a visit from Maryann Lehmann, D.D.S., who distributed over 300 toothbrushes to our students as part of her practice’s TwoTHBRUSHES charitable giving program! After a demonstration of proper tooth brushing technique, Dr. Lehmann sent each student home with toothpaste and a toothbrush. We’re thankful she was able to visit and teach us about dental hygiene!