Our Impact

Our values drive everything we do. They are our motivating force and provide direction as we continue to introduce new programs and expand our existing services.



Believe in People

At Hall, we look for the best in people, regardless of their circumstances. We operate like a family and believe that everyone has value.

Keep Getting Better

We always look for ways to improve ourselves, our programs, our relationships, and our neighborhood. We commit ourselves to lifelong learning, partnerships, and growth.

Treat One Another with Respect

We treat one another with honor, regardless of our backgrounds, lifestyles, or experiences.

Do All Things with Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and aim to be an example to others. We speak honestly, act with integrity, and are transparent in all we do.

Care For Our Community

Together, we care for Hall, our neighbors, and our community. We are responsible for our physical space, our relationships, and the work we do — and we do not take that responsibility lightly.


The whole Hall Neighborhood House team believes in four shared principles that help us shape the programs and initiatives we develop for our community. 

Everyone deserves a safe place.
In the midst of uncertainty and instability, Hall is a respite — a clean, safe, and supportive space for everyone. 

Everyone deserves community.
In the face of isolation, separation, and loneliness, we operate like a family. We know people’s names we personally connect with one another, and we care about each other. This is true for staff, volunteers, and the families we serve. 

Everyone deserves education.
We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn. It’s why we build high-quality, accredited programs for children; create continuing education opportunities for seniors; and are constantly looking for new ways to equip families with education and skills. 

Everyone deserves support.
We want to be good neighbors to families in our community. We come alongside parents as they raise their children; partner with caretakers as they watch over seniors; and provide a listening ear, ongoing support, and comprehensive services to families. 


  • Over 250 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers served annually
  • Over 500 youth served annually (through after school programs, summer camp, activities with local schools, sports, music programs, and the anti-violence youth rally)
  • Over 100 senior citizens served annually
  • Complete over 1,000 wellness screenings a year for senior citizens
  • Delivered over 2,000 bags of groceries and over 400 meals to senior citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic  
  • Scored 96% on NAEYC accreditation