Do all things with Integrity

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At Hall Neighborhood House we do all things with integrity; it’s one of our core values. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we hold ourselves to the highest standards—especially when it comes to finances and programming.

Integrity is important because it builds trust—and we need our community’s trust to function effectively and carry out our mission. 

With our core value of integrity in mind, here’s what we do each and every day:

We speak honestly.

We regularly ask our neighbors, staff, volunteers, and leadership to share their honest feedback—including compliments, complaints, questions, and suggestions. And when people speak honestly to us, we respond with honesty, too—including asking for help when we need it. 

When our community tells us what it needs, we match our services to fit their needs. We aim to address problems as soon as they crop up, and we’re sensitive to how community members’ needs may change over time. We are lucky to have community and staff members who speak up when they need something new or notice an issue.

We built a community health center because our residents asked for it. We were able to meet this need because we were honest with ourselves about our strengths, our capacity, and where we needed additional support. Though we had sufficient space for the health center, we needed help with staffing—and that’s where Optimus Health came in. 

We were honest about what we could and couldn’t provide, and we reached out to Optimus Health for support. Today, Optimus Health practitioners are on-site five days a week to provide excellent care to Bridgeport residents. 

We provide high-quality services.

We take our responsibility to Bridgeport very seriously. Our internal standards are high, and we also seek outside accreditation as a second, impartial measure of our commitment to excellence and safety. 

Hall Neighborhood House’s childcare programs are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and meet all criteria set forth by the Office of Early Childhood in the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards. We are also fully licensed by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood. We use the Connecticut Documentation for Observation and Teaching System Assessment tool, the Brigance screening tool, and the Ages and Stages Screening Tool to assess the educational and developmental progress of our students. 

We are also an approved Program Operator of the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program, providing nutritious meals and snacks to children and students.

We commit to transparency.

At Hall Neighborhood House,  we are committed to being responsible stewards of the money we receive from grants and generous donors. 

For example, this year we were proud to receive the Core Mission Grant from Impact Fairfield County. Our proposal and mission were thoroughly reviewed during the selection process—throughout which we demonstrated our commitment to our community, our fiscal responsibility, and our integrity.

Our financials are independently audited every year by Hope & Hernandez PC. Information about revenue and expenses can be found on our website, with audit reports and the most recent 990s available upon request. We also have a 97/100 Encompass Rating on Charity Navigator.

At Hall Neighborhood House, our integrity is everything to us. We don’t take the faith our community has in us lightly, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate our trustworthiness to them every single day. Help us continue to provide Bridgeport residents with critical services by making a gift today. You’re contributing to a community legacy of integrity, honesty, and transparency.