Evron Trim Helps Hall Neighborhood House Fulfill Its Mission Through Financial Responsibility

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Here at Hall, we are so proud of our amazing team! They work together every day to carry out our mission and serve our neighbors. To celebrate them, we’re starting a profiles series here in our monthly newsletter and on the Hall Neighborhood House blog so you can meet them and learn more about how they got involved with Hall. You’ll also hear about their heart for our mission, their favorite things to do when they aren’t serving families on the East Side of Bridgeport, and their recommendations of great spots in our community. 

Evron Trim
Director, Assurance, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP
Hall Neighborhood House Board of Directors

When Evron Trim first visited Hall Neighborhood House in 2020 as a prospective Board Member, he felt he had discovered a hidden gem. “During the tour,” he shared, “I just automatically fell in love the more I learned.”

Today, Evron is a Board of Directors member and deeply committed to our mission. He works as an Assurance Director in PWC’s National office in New Jersey, and his audit and accounting background is an asset to our Board’s leadership capacity. 

EvronEvron grew up in Milford, Connecticut, near Hall. Still, he only discovered the organization a few years ago when a partner at PWC introduced him to Bob Dzurenda, our Executive Director. Bob’s passion when talking about Hall was contagious, and Evron was immediately excited to learn more and see the facility in person. “I was so shocked that it was literally in my backyard, and I had no idea,” he said. 

He was impressed by the quantity and quality of services, spanning from services for infants to senior citizens with accredited educational programs and medical services. He was also moved by our 130+ year history in Bridgeport. One woman he met during his tour had three generations of her family involved with Hall. “That’s just a testament to the services and just how great the people are—people love Hall,” Evron said.

Evron brings unique skills and perspectives to Hall in his role on the Board. He was born in Trinidad, and his family moved to the United States when he was just two and a half years old. His mother worked in the medical field, his father was a mechanic, and (as the oldest) he was the first of his siblings to attend college. “It was just me, kind of paving my way,” Evron said. “While my parents to this day are my biggest supporters and continuously challenge me to be the best version of myself,  I didn’t know some of the things that you grow up learning or hearing about if your parents or other family members work in certain fields. So with the experiences I’ve been fortunate to have throughout my own professional career, I welcome any  opportunities I have to share my story, especially with the youth, and present them with options and potential career paths they might not otherwise have considered as an option when thinking about their own future”

That passion for sharing his experiences and offering perspectives extends throughout Evron’s life. He’s a member of PWC’s inclusion networks and doesn’t miss an opportunity to speak to our students about college and career opportunities.  

Additionally, Evron noted that his work experience as an auditor meshed seamlessly with his role on the Board.  “As an auditor, the underlying objective is building trust in society. With that mindset and knowing the intentions of the Board here at Hall, we all share in achieving that objective.” Hall prides itself in providing financial information that can be trusted because we have a huge responsibility in making sure that the funding and grants that we receive are accounted for accurately so that we can pass along those benefits to those we serve. “Being the Head of the Audit Committee is very important to me. It provides me an opportunity to share my experiences from out in the workplace and provide insights and best practices of processes and procedures that should be in place in order to ensure our financial operations run as effectively and efficiently as possible and that we are being as transparent as possible to our stakeholders”.

Together with the rest of the Board, Evron is committed to Hall’s growth in impact and providing the best services for those in need. “What we’re trying to do is really expand our reach,” he said. “The more we build awareness and get funding, the more we can open the doors, enhance our services, and adapt to the needs of the community.”

When asked to describe Hall in one word, Evron smiled and immediately said positive. “Everything, that Hall currently offers as well as our visions for future services and projects —are all focused with the primary objective of having a positive impact on the community,” he shared. “I urge everyone to schedule a visit to see it and feel the positive energy for themselves. You experience that positivity as soon as you walk into the doors.”