We Keep Getting Better

by | May 19, 2021 | About Hall, News | 0 comments

Our core values drive everything we do at Hall Neighborhood House. They keep us focused, drive our decisions, and help us serve our community. As a team, we’re constantly setting and reaching ambitious goals—because we aim to keep getting better.

We always look for ways to improve our programs and our neighborhood, starting with ourselves and our relationships. Our commitment to lifelong learning is something we take very seriously.

Here’s how we pursue meaningful growth:

We use purposeful metrics.

Our values are our guiding light. They shape what we do and why we do it. But we believe measurable impact matters, too. At Hall Neighborhood House, we keep track of our progress so that we can keep getting better.

Each year at Hall Neighborhood House we serve:

  • Over 250 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers
  • Over 500 youth (through after school programs, summer camp, activities with local schools, sports, music programs, and more)
  • Over 100 senior citizens

During the pandemic, we also delivered over 2,000 bags of groceries and over 400 meals delivered to senior citizens.

Measuring impact means more than numbers. We want to ensure that no matter the number of neighbors we’re serving, we’re offering the highest quality programs possible. That’s why our childcare programs are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and meet all criteria set by the Office of Early Childhood in the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS).

“Hall’s model is responsive to our community’s needs and incredibly effective,” Board Chair Carol Donnelly shared.

We keep measuring, keep listening, and keep growing the way our neighbors need us to.

We commit to lifelong learning.

Our unique intergenerational model allows us to emphasize learning at all ages. We all have something to teach one another—and we learn just as much from the vibrant youth in our programs as we do from the decades of experience our seniors share with us. We stay open to new opportunities—because you never know who might have the next great idea.

At Hall Neighborhood House, we encourage lifelong learning by making sure everyone has a safe place to learn and grow. We build a social, emotional, and academic foundation for young children and students to equip them to follow their dreams as they grow up, and we provide opportunities for adults to keep learning, too.

Our team commits to the same principle of lifelong learning. Supporting personal and professional development for our staff is a key part of our goal to keep getting better. We encourage our staff to invest in themselves and our community through training, networking, and continuing education. Our Board of Directors upholds the same values. They are experienced, excited members of our community who are passionate about Hall Neighborhood House’s potential.

We invest in community partnerships.

We know that we can go further together—and investing in community partnerships allows us to provide more services at a manageable scale.

For example, our community health center, Community Health at Hall, is staffed with practitioners five days a week thanks to our partnership with Optimus Health. Soon, we’ll expand our offerings to include behavioral health services and dental treatment, thanks to additional community partners.

Board Member Andrea Canuel is part of the team that is leading us into an expansive new season of partnerships. “There’s so much opportunity to expand Hall’s range of partners, and I’m thrilled to drive us forward as we continue to expand our community presence,” she said.

We keep getting better, and together we can make life better. 

We are so excited to take advantage of this momentum to keep getting better by pursuing big dreams for Hall Neighborhood House’s future. Be a part of our season of growth by supporting our mission!