We Believe in People

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At Hall Neighborhood House, all of our programs are driven by a core set of values. These central tenets of our community drive our actions and our relationships—and one of the values that motivates us most is that we Believe in People. At Hall, we look for the best in people, regardless of their circumstances. We operate like a family and believe that everyone has value. 

Everyone in our organization shares this mindset—from board members to staff, teachers, leadership, and anyone who works on our behalf. Our goal is for everyone who walks through our doors to feel like family.

Our emphasis on family is also how we build community across generations—children, families, adults, and seniors come together to form the Hall Neighborhood House community, and everyone is welcome here. 

Our values guide every decision we make at Hall Neighborhood House. When we say we believe in people, here’s what we mean: 

At Hall, We Listen and Adapt

We make it a point to be responsive to the unique needs of our community—whether that’s adding new programs or tweaking old ones. 

We opened our health center in response to neighbors’ needs, and we are now one of the only youth, childcare, and senior centers in the area to offer on-site medical care. We have practitioners from Optimus Health on-site five days a week providing physicals, immunizations, and ongoing healthcare. We listened to our community’s concerns and took action–but we’re not stopping here. In the coming months, we will add dental, vision, and behavioral health services to the health center. 

We Invest in Programs Proven to Make Life Better

Hall Neighborhood House provides comprehensive, accredited childcare and preschool programs, because all children deserve opportunities to learn using proven techniques. In our classrooms, children learn from child development experts and teaching professionals.  

For seniors, we know that nutrition has a huge impact on quality of life, especially for those over age 65, so we provide nutritious meals every day at our Senior Center

And we’re excited to provide preventative healthcare, like screenings, physicals, and immunizations so our neighbors can spend their energy playing or learning instead of trying to find affordable healthcare.

We Pursue Community Partnerships

There are some things we can’t do alone, so we welcome community involvement—whether that means individual volunteers, groups of classmates, or whole organizations. Volunteers and community partners bring their unique expertise to Hall Neighborhood House, helping us continue to provide varied and high-quality programming for community members of all ages. 

For example, our partners at Beats by Girlz encourage girls to try music engineering and producing, using the professional mixing equipment and recording rooms at Hall Neighborhood House. We provide state-of-the-art technology and they provide valuable mentorship and guidance. 

Youth basketball programs also use our gyms for league games. This program allows our home team, Kings Kids, to showcase their skills, and introduces more community members to Hall Neighborhood House. 

We Model Possibility

Not only do we provide a safe space where kids can be with their friends, we intentionally offer our youth exposure to what’s possible. We seek out staff and leaders with varied personal and professional backgrounds. On our Board, for example, we have members with experience in sales, marketing, banking, healthcare, economics, teaching, and more. 

Sandra Greer, Vice Chair of the Board puts it best, saying, “We’re building a sense of self-worth and a mindset so our students can tell themselves, ‘I can. I am somebody.’” 

We believe in people. And we help people believe in themselves. 

Our values make Hall Neighborhood House a special place. We work every day to be good neighbors and provide high-quality, comprehensive programs for our community. You can be a part of our story and join us in believing in people by supporting our mission today