September News From Hall

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September is a time of big changes and new beginnings. After a summer of learning and growth, students are back in school—confident that the community is there to help them through any challenges that arise.

Thank you for being part of our mission at this critical time so we can provide academic programs, developmental support, and amazing STEM education to kids in Bridgeport.

And students aren’t the only neighbors we serve. Seniors in our community are finding connection and friendship, neighbors of all ages have increased access to health care, and we provide critical support for families raising children on the East Side.

Thank you for being part of our story. We’re making a difference, together.

Bob Dzurenda
Executive Director

Rock Climbing

At the end of July, our students took an unforgettable field trip to a local rock climbing spot! They learned all about safety and the different roles climbers can have, then they got a chance to try out some routes.

This trip was a fun bonding experience that allowed our students to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.

Let’s Play Pool

Many of our seniors visit Hall Neighborhood House every day for social gatherings, meals, and other forms of support. They also love playing games.

This month, we upgraded their game room with some new pool tables! We’re proud to provide opportunities for seniors in our community to have fun, unwind, and get competitive.

Building Improvements

We’ve been busy renovating Hall Neighborhood House to make it safer, more functional, and more beautiful for all. Some of the recent initiatives include installing a new HVAC system, painting our classrooms, renovating and modernizing several restrooms, refinishing the floors, installing a new gate, and trimming our trees! And this fall, we’re starting a big project to renovate the lower level!

Back to School

Students are officially back in the classroom! This summer, we hired two certified teachers thanks to the support of The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. All summer long, they helped students complete math and reading workbooks to ensure that they were ready to go back to school this fall with all the skills they need to be successful learners.

Thank You, Sacred Heart University students!

We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with Sacred Heart University. Recently, student volunteers helped us clean out our storage space so we can use it more effectively.

Celebrating our summer graduates

At our preschool graduation ceremony last month, we sent 75 5-year-olds off to kindergarten with confidence, enthusiasm, and new backpacks filled with supplies! We loved celebrating with these young learners after a summer full of education and fun!

International Youth Day

Although every day is a celebration of our amazing youth at Hall Neighborhood House, we were delighted to recognize International Youth Day and the role the next generation plays in our future on August 12! It was an important reminder that kids should have a say in their futures—and that intergenerational cooperation is the way forward for our world.