February 2024 News: New STEM Centers and College Acceptances!

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If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Hall, you know the environment our community has created inside our walls is something special. And if you haven’t visited yet, please stop by! We’d love to give you a tour.

Hall is special because our neighbors are special. We’re proud of what we’ve built here on George E. Pipkin’s Way, and we’ve been working hard to expand our work outside our walls over the past few years. This month, I’m so excited to share one of the ways we’re supporting youth throughout the city of Bridgeport.

Keep reading to learn more about one of our latest community programs.













Hall recently opened STEM Centers in Bridgeport Public schools …

We recently opened Alan Wallack STEM Learning Centers (AWSLC) in three Bridgeport schools, with plans to open nine more by the end of March. Hall’s STEM Learning Team is supporting educators in schools so they can inspire the next generation of students to get involved in science, technology, engineering, and math.

These 12 schools represent a collective investment of over $450k in STEM education by incredibly generous individuals who have committed to setting up an AWSLC in every Bridgeport Public School. This community support of STEM for our youth is inspiring!

Hall is in the neighborhood …

Our seniors took a special trip to the casino! We provided transportation so they could enjoy a day of fun and games, playing the slots and taking advantage of all the casino has to offer.

Hall is in partnership with other experts …

Our partners at Southwest Community Health offer our seniors access to the Better Me program, which supports their social and emotional health. They discuss emotions and issues they’re facing in small groups with behavioral health experts.

Southwest also provides weekly behavioral health services to children and teens in our programs. The youth work with licensed professionals to learn coping skills, process difficult experiences, and practice resilience.

Hall is helping make higher ed possible …

There are 25 students in our high school program, nine of whom are seniors. We are very excited to share that all nine have been accepted to college and have received scholarships separate from traditional financial aid! One student has even made her decision and will be attending Wesleyan in the fall. As the remainder of the seniors decide where they want to go before National Decision Day on May 1, we are here to offer advice, resources, and support.

A special thanks to Dave Mahder for volunteering to provide many hours of valuable guidance and inspiration to Hall’s high school students.

Hall is celebrating …

Check out some photos from our Valentine’s Day festivities!

Thank you for being part of our community! Your support enables us to make life better for our neighbors—both here in our building and in schools throughout Bridgeport.