Thoughts from a Hall alum

Thoughts from a Hall alum

Noreaga Davis was one of the first students I met when I took my position at Hall five years ago. He had been attending Hall programs since he was a baby — it was one constant in a young life marked by one disaster after another. He has known more sadness than any child should have to experience. 

In the midst of trauma, Nori turned to Hall Neighborhood House as his safe space. In his words, “Hall gave me the opportunity to understand — and then start to solve — some of the hardship I had experienced. It helped me become a better man.” 

And that is exactly what has happened. 

Nori is now a college student who dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon. And more than anything, he is committed to serving children and families who are living through traumas just like his own. 

“I know how it feels to not have stuff,” he said. “I know how it feels to look in your mom’s eyes and see a million tears.” 

“But I’m built off of giving and spreading love. And at the holidays, it’s more important than ever. Some families don’t have support. They don’t have food, heat, hot water. I’m not well off — I’m still a college student. But I know I can do what I can to help my neighbors.” 

Will you join him? 

Over Thanksgiving, Nori ran a food and clothing drive for families on the East Side of Bridgeport. This holiday season, be inspired by his example and generosity. Follow Nori’s lead and make your own gift to make this year a little bit brighter for families who face countless challenges. 

As Nori reminded me, “One small donation can go a long way. It’s hard times right now — but you can help produce smiles. This season is important. And most of all, the families we’re helping are important.”